23 lug 2013

Creative parking

There, I found a parking spot!

22 lug 2013

Women drivers #1 (how do they do it?)

This video compilation is unique!

It seems that they can actually solve a problem. But look closely... 

 Yes, that's a cigarette!!!!!!!!

This husband knows what's gonna happen!

Clever recycling #1

We all have plenty of unused stuff and we don't know what to do with it.
Here's some clever ideas from around the world.
Do you have any you created?
Send them over I'll publish them.
What do you think?

17 lug 2013

City Tent!

Sooooo Cooool!
It's nice to be able to camp right in the city center!
But parking costs might be high! 
and what about parking tickets?
what do you think?